Industrial doors

Most businesses need big industrial doors. The bigger the door, the better. This facilitates loading and unloading activities, there is more space for manoeuvres, and a whole lot of advantages. A big industrial door is essential and must be made secure and reliable. In order to be utilized many years without problems, the door should be installed with utmost precision. We have over 25 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of industrial doors and we believe that we are your best partner for this important project.

Industrial doors 
We offer industrial doors that can be manually operated, automatic or with chain mechanism. The materials that we use are with proven quality and origin. Our company is one of the few that has tested in a laboratory its industrial doors and meets all the European requirements and standards. The types of industrial doors we offer are roll-up and sectional doors.

Roll-up industrial doors
The roll-up industrial doors are manufactured in an almost entirely closed circle in our base.They are either manually or automatically operated. This type of doors cannot be rolled up with a chain mechanism. The rolling doors are quite reliable and require minimum maintenance. They are affordable, reliable and solid.  

Sectional industrial doors
The sectional industrial doors are of the highest class. They offer many extras, suitable for the industry. A small, pedestrian door can be build in, a transparent section to allow light and visibility may be produced, they can be rolled up manually, with a chain mechanism or automatically with the aid of a motor. The sectional doors have a high degree of insulation and sealing.

Recommended maximum size
The very adjective- industrial, tells us how big these doors are. In most cases they are 3-4 m in width and 3-4 m in height. However, much bigger industrial doors can be manufactured in order to suit your needs. It is recommended that the doors do not exceed 40-40 square metres in area. As far as height is concerned, we have manufactured and installed doors up to 8 m high and 8 m wide. A large number of factors have to be taken into consideration with doors so big, therefore it is best to contact directly our technical consultant so that we can offer the best option for your building. 

Advice and recommendations
It is advisable that you consult us during the construction process of the building where the industrial door will be installed. In this way we can save you time and expenses because we will inform you about the necessary installation requirements for the particular door.

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Sectional industrial doors  

The sectional industrial doors are manufactured from 40 mm “sandwich” panels made of high quality galvanised steel and having a middle section of polyurethane foam. Combined with the four side rubber sealing of the door framework and the floor, the section doors acquire high thermal and noise insulation qualities-class A according to world standards. The polyester coating of the panels ensures maximum durability to the impact of the atmospheric conditions.

Quality and reliability
We utilise only quality materials in the section doors that we manufacture. We import all the components from reputable European manufacturers. The industrial doors are a key element in a business and it is our philosophy that what we offer must possess the highest reliability and durability.

Types of opening
While drafting a project for the section doors it is paramount to choose a mode of opening which best suits the building and the objectives of the investor- it is called opening contour. The door might slide across the ceiling right above the clear opening (low contour of opening), 20 cm above the clear opening of the facility ( standard contour), more than 20 cm above the clear opening ( high contour) or vertically. The chosen contour must not impede the normal functioning of the building.

The sectional doors can be opened manually (only with a handle if they are not too high), manually opened with a chain mechanism or automatically. Automatic opening is done with the aid of industrial side motor or overhead garage motor. In most cases Industrial doors are operated by buttons installed in the facility. There are also options for operation with a key, a remote and others.

In order to guarantee the safety it is recommended that the sectional industrial doors be equipped with a photocell or a sensor rubber in the lower panel of the door

Balancing mechanism
Each door is equipped with springs which balance it thus facilitating the opening and closing of the door.

Useful extras
it is possible to build in a pedestrian door in the panel of the sectional one. A window might be built in the sectional doors, and a section with glass panels only- Full Vision. 

In order to receive a price for a sectional door, you should consult a representative of our company since these doors have a lot of specifications. We guarantee that we will offer you the most reasonable price for your sectional door. Please, contact us and see for yourselves

Why choose a sectional door?
You should do so for a number of reasons. In brief, because they are reliable, secure and provide great insulation. 

Roller industrial doors  

The roll-up industrial doors are often used for industrial openings because of their practicality. The doors are manufactured according to certain measures. They are offered in several varieties and configurations. The clients are able to choose the type of profile of the rolling door, its colour and box. Besides, the rolling doors can be manually operated or by a motor with a button or a remote. Other devices for automation and protection can be added to the rolling doors. For more information, please contact our consultants

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