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Rolling shutter doors

Roll-up doors have long-standing traditions on the Bulgarian market. They have wide application in the business as well in the industry and the home. The roll-up doors are perfect for the protection of shops, shop windows, for garage doors, warehouses, storage facilities and workshops and many others. The reasons for this are that there are minimum requirements when installed and there is a wide variety of them available.

The roll-up doors are made of galvanised steel or aluminium (the ones with thermal insulation), that has undergone several processes for tempering and hardening. 

Types of roll-up doors
The roll-up doors may be completely solid as well as perforated or with big openings for visibility. The solid doors may be insulated thermally. Each roll-up door can be manual or automated.

The roll-up doors may be operated by a motor and a remote. This is an affordable convenience which our clients particularly appreciate on cold and rainy days.

Reasonable prices
Last but not least comes the price. The most appealing thing is that with the roll-up doors there is a full manufacturing circle which accounts for the reasonable price of the product.

Spring mechanism
Each roll-up door is equipped with springs for quick and easy opening.

Colour coating
The roll-up doors have been powder painted with the paint having been baked at high temperature in order to endure all atmospheric conditions. Dust painting offers a wide variety of colours

Why choose a roll-up door?
In short, the roll-up doors offer a very good solution with wide application. They aren’t the highest class of doors but are really affordable, reliable and easy to maintain. You can have a look at the table for comparison with other doors in order to make the best choice for you. 

Rolling shutter doors