Garage doors

Your home is your castle. The same applies to the garage for your automobile. The garage door is also an indispensable part of the façade. Usually, the garage door is bought once in a lifetime so it’s not worth it to compromise. Therefore it is best to choose the most suitable garage door at the best price. We specialize in garage door manufacture for 25 years and will definitely offer you the most suitable variant to meet your needs and requests

Roll-up garage doors
The most common type of garage doors is the roll-up door. It is also the first type that we started to manufacture. The open in a very interesting way- the panel /(he door) rolls along a special tubular profile with springs (usually it is hidden in a box). The roll-up doors are reliable and affordable. 

Sectional garage doors
Another type of doors are the sectional ones. They usually open overhead. They are the highest class of doors since they offer a very high degree of insulation and packing, also the quietest when used and the most solid.

Overhead garage doors
We developed our own version of this model and own a patent for it. It opens in the same manner as the sectional garage doors, however, the door is made of thinner profiles and is less insulated. This variant is a suitable substitute for the section door if you are on a limited budget. 

The right choice of a garage door for your home or company.
You don’t buy garage doors for your home or company every day. Therefore it is understandable that explanations and consultations are needed when making such a purchase. We already mentioned what kids of garage doors are available. There are three classes. The economy class of garage doors (rolling-up) comes at the lowest price. Consequently, if you have decided not to spend much money, this is the model for you. The middle class consists of the overhead doors or the ones with thermal insulation (with thermal-lamellas 77) and the highest- of the section doors. In direct proportion with the price of the different types of garage doors, there increases the degree of their characteristics-quietness when operating, security, thermal insulation, colours, extras, etc.. 

A word of advice from us
We advise you to automate your garage door with a motor with a remote because this is most convenient. The mounting of a motor, after a certain time, requires the greatest efforts since some of the elements of the garage door have to be disassembled, hence it is more expensive than the mounting of a motor when installing the door. It is better to choose an economy class garage door with a motor rather than a higher class door which is manually operated. If there is no heating in your garage and/or it isn’t directly connected to your home, the garage door doesn’t have to be of the highest degree of thermal insulation- consequently you may save money since the garage doors with thermal insulation are a little bit more expensive.  

Продуктов Списък:

Rolling shutter doors  

Roll-up doors have long-standing traditions on the Bulgarian market. They have wide application in the business as well in the industry and the home. The roll-up doors are perfect for the protection of shops, shop windows, for garage doors, warehouses, storage facilities and workshops and many others. The reasons for this are that there are minimum requirements when installed and there is a wide variety of them available.

The roll-up doors are made of galvanised steel or aluminium (the ones with thermal insulation), that has undergone several processes for tempering and hardening. 

Types of roll-up doors
The roll-up doors may be completely solid as well as perforated or with big openings for visibility. The solid doors may be insulated thermally. Each roll-up door can be manual or automated.

The roll-up doors may be operated by a motor and a remote. This is an affordable convenience which our clients particularly appreciate on cold and rainy days.

Reasonable prices
Last but not least comes the price. The most appealing thing is that with the roll-up doors there is a full manufacturing circle which accounts for the reasonable price of the product.

Spring mechanism
Each roll-up door is equipped with springs for quick and easy opening.

Colour coating
The roll-up doors have been powder painted with the paint having been baked at high temperature in order to endure all atmospheric conditions. Dust painting offers a wide variety of colours

Why choose a roll-up door?
In short, the roll-up doors offer a very good solution with wide application. They aren’t the highest class of doors but are really affordable, reliable and easy to maintain. You can have a look at the table for comparison with other doors in order to make the best choice for you. 

Overhead garage doo H77  

sectional doors  

The sectional doors that we manufacture have european origin. The materials used for the manufacturing process are of the highest quality. The sectional doors have a relatively more complex mechanism and for this reason there should be no compromise with their production.

Thermal       insulation  
The sectional garage doors offer the highest degree of thermal and noise insulation. This is due to the fact that they are manufactured from 40 mm thick panels that contain polyurethane foam. Another reason for the good insulation is that there is a sealing at each side.

40 mm thick steel thermal panels are used for the sectional doors. The thickness of the guides that the door slides on is the same as the steel- 2 mm. This guarantees high reliability and sturdiness of the door and its structure.

Types  of   door     opening
The section garage doors have two main ways of opening. The most suitable is chosen for the premises. When there is not enough space above the clear opening- the so-called lintel or cross-beam, a low contour opening is applied. It requires minimum space above the door for its mechanisms. If there is enough space above the clear opening (40 cm), the door is manufactured with a standard contour for opening. In order to get the most precise offer you must know the size of the clear opening as well as the size of the space from the end of the clear opening up to the cross-beam

Fixed-in         door
One of the greatest advantages of the sectional garage doors is the possibility to fix in a passage door. In places where many people move in and out but there is almost no traffic, this offers a practical solution. There is no need for the whole door to open, but a small, fixed-in pedestrian door might be used most of the time.  

Build-in windows 
Another remarkable advantage of the sectional doors is that, at a reasonable price, windows may be build in the door which will allow sunlight to enter the premise.

Sectional doors offer a very high degree of automation- different protection mechanisms, a remote control, lights and many others. The motors and the automation that we use originate from Europe only and come from reputed manufacturers. For the garage sectional doors we offer automation from Italian and German manufacturers. 

Most frequently this type of doors are used for garages and industrial premises. They might be used in a less standard way- for building entrances, for example.

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