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The choice of windows can depend a great deal on facade and the interior of your home, along with your preferences and budget. Unfortunately, one often should compromise, whether with price, quality or certain technical data. For your convenience, we suggest you look at the comparison table on our site in the WINDOWS AND DOORS category to decide what you need.

Condensation occurs as a result of moist air and cold surfaces. Humidity is increased by everything that releases water vapor – house plants, cooking, drying, laundry, the people in the room and more. Often condensation occurs after the replacement of new windows with good sealing. However, you shouldn't worry, this doesn't mean your windows are damaged. Regular room ventilation, low-emission double glazing and external thermal insulation are recommended.

Condensation between the windows can be caused by defects in the double-glazed glass window itself and not by defective joinery. In this case, the window glass unit must be replaced.

Before varnished in color, the wood is treated several times for maximum frame protection and UV protection. The coverings can be in different colors – wood colors (bright) or roof colors (homogeneous RAL colors).