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PVC windows

PVC is the most affordable and widely spread frame,it is manufactured and mounted quickly and easily. It ages with time but it offers substantial heat insulation. With its multi-chambered construction the frame offers good thermal and noise insulation, accordingly-if the number of chambers is bigger, the valued for thermal insulation are increased. The PVC windows successfully keep the heat inside the room so that a minimal amount of cold enters the room.

For the manufacture of PVC windows we use VIVA PLAST profile. The company has proved its professionalism in the manufacture of profiles according to german standards.

The standard colour of the PVC frame is white. Many possibilities for colour solutions are offered that will match the interior of your home.

PVC frames are easily maintained and don’t require special detergents for cleaning.

How many chambers of the profile?
The PVC frame is defined by the number of chambers and the thickness of the profile. The standard profile has 4 chambers, 60 mm. A better insulator for the PVC windows has 5 chambers, 70 mm thickness. There is a minimal difference in the prices of both profiles, and in our opinion,it is worth choosing the 5 chamber profile.

The standard colour for the PVC frame is white. It is the most affordable and requires minimum maintenance. Many other configurations are possible, with the most popular being the imitation of wood.

For the PVC frames we utilize german fitting,Siegennia brand. We have used it for more than 10 years and have determined that it is ideal for the PVC frame and is also reasonably priced.

The PVC frame is a polymer (plastic). Consequently, aging is expected. Despite this fact, PVC windows and doors have been manufactured in Europe for over 30 years and have proven their stability. Even the most economically developed countries in the union- Germany and France, manufacture primarily PVC frames. Therefore- there is no cause for concern- the PVC frames will last a few generations.  

PVC windows