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Wood windows

Wood has widespread application in different industries. It is a natural material and doesn’t harm the environment. It can be easily processed thus achieving different modern and classical architectural solutions.

The wooden frames create a cozy and warm feeling in your home.

The advantages of the wooden window frames have been created by nature itself. Wood has the unique quality of absorbing and conveying moisture. Bulgaria is situated in a temperate, continental climate which makes wooden window frames really suitable for this climate. In addition, wooden window frames offer excellent heat and noise insulation, high stability and a variety of shapes.

We manufacture wooden window frames according to a modern technology. The material we use is guaranteed by our german partner Münchinger-one of the leading suppliers of high quality timber. We manufacture wooden window frames in several varieties- spruce, oak, meranti, mahogany.The wood has been processed several times in order to ensure a stable, quality and durable profile. We use paints and waterbase lacquer with UV protection. The quality, thickness and durability of the colours is guaranteed by our partner Remmers which offers a wide variety of colours depending on your wishes and taking into consideration the interior of your home.

Elegantly rounded profile of the wooden frames that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is easy to clean. The wooden frames are a perfect complement to the interior of the house and they contribute considerably to the feeling of coziness.

It can easily be matched to the design and the furniture in the room.A wide variety of colours- coatings and azure lacquers are offered for the wooden frames. There are solutions even for non standard situations. In some buildings, the façade is unique. However,the interior doesn’t have to match the façade. For this reason we offer the wooden window frames in two colours- one colour outside and a different one inside. This is possible even with small projects-a house or an apartment). With the other types of window frames this is possible only with large projects since the coating of the profiles is done in advance, unlike the wooden frame.

The fittings in the wooden framers and doors, like with the other ones is of supreme importance. We trust the highest class in Europe- the Roto brand. The quality fittings have many advantages. The most important is that with it the frames function even after 10 years. The german fitting in the wooden frame are adjustable so that in case of sagging it can be easily adjusted. Worth considering is the possibility of adding many extras without a considerable difference in the price.

One of these extras is microventillation. It allows ventilation without the windows being open. This also increases the security in terms of burglaries. The additional cost when supplementing microventillation is minimal since Roto fitting has taken this into consideration and the only thing necessary to add is a metal plate and a special handle.

The wooden frame is equipped with a standard level of security. It can be easily upgraded to another level which makes burglaries difficult and impossible to happen. Statistic shows that in most cases burglars enter through the windows so it is of paramount importance that the places of risk be well-protected. In order to enhance the security level of the wooden frame it is essential to configure the windows with the proper glazing- with tempered glass or triplex.  

The wooden windows and doors produced by our factory have been assembled by tripled and quadruple sealed profiles from solid wood. The separate layers of the profile for the wooden frame are of opposite situated wooden circles so that it doesn’t become distorted.

The advantages of the wooden frames in short
Wood is a natural material, the wooden frame has deep traditions, and has been perfected for a long time, the material is porous and the profiles are solid. The wooden frame offers considerable isolation and many possibilities for different shapes. 

Wood windows