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Aluminium windows

The advantages of aluminum make it applicable almost everywhere. It has low density and is relatively resistant to corrosion. It is light, yet durable. The aluminum frame is not damaged when there are substantial differences in temperature and it preserves its        structure forever. It is ductile which allows your frames to be manufactured in different shapes. It is easy to deliver modern design with the aluminum frames.

Traditionally, the aluminum profiles are offered in white. However, your windows can be powder painted with the colour of your choice from a RAL card. We also offer variations of knot effects on painted surface such as red oak, mahogany, light or dark cherry, golden oak and the like.

The aluminum frame is the easiest to maintain. With minimum efforts and almost for free you ensure long life for your windows.
The aluminum frame is heat resistant, does not distort and deform as a result of the atmospheric conditions.

We also offer aluminum profile with thermal break /worm profile/ with which a higher coefficient of thermal insulation is achieved.

Aluminium windows